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Computer System Architecture 3rd ed morris mano

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computer system architecture 3rd ed morris mano p98 &solution manual


Dealing with computer architecture as well as computer organization and design, this fully updated book provides the basic knowledge necessary to understand the hardware operation of digital computers. Written to aid electrical engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists, the volume includes: KEY FEATURES: the computer architecture, organization, and design associated with computer hardware – the various digital components used in the organization and design of digital computers – detailed steps that a designer must go through in order to design an elementary basic computer – the organization and architecture of the central processing unit – the organization and architecture of input-output and memory – the concept of multiprocessing – two new chapters on pipeline and vector processing – two sections devoted completely to the reduced instruction set computer (RISC) – and sample worked-out problems to clarify topics


Download PDF  version from link below :

computer system architecture 3rd ed morris mano p98


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